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Ming-kuei Shih


Ming-kuei Shih  Associate Professor

Degree   PhD, Food Science and Biotechnology, National Chung Hsing University
Phone   +886-7-8060505 ext.31419
E-mail   mkshih@mail.nkuht.edu.tw


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school year Journal level Title (title)
109SCI,Improvement of foaming characteristics and stability of sterilized liquid egg with egg white hydrolysate (EWH)
109SCI,Resveratrol Butyrate Esters Inhibit BPA-Induced Liver Damage in Male Offspring Rats by Modulating Antioxidant Capacity and Gut Microbiota. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. (SCI, Q1/Biochemistry Molecular Biology). MOST 108-2221-E-992-046.
109SCI,Effect of lemon water vapor extract (LWAE) from lemon byproducts on the physiological activity and quality of lemon fermented products
109SCI,LC-MS Quantification of site-specific phosphorylation degree by stable-isotope dimethyl labeling coupled with phosphatase dephosphorylation
109SCI,Deep Ocean Water Concentrate Changes Physicochemical Characteristics, the Profile of Volatile Components and Consumer Acceptance for Taiwanese Rice Shochu
108SCI,A novel application of terpene compound α-pinene for alternative use of sulfur dioxide-free white wine
108SCI,Adding α-pinene as a novel application for sulfur dioxide-free in red wine
105SCI,Comparison of standing posture bioelectrical impedance analysis with DXA for body composition in a large, healthy Chinese population
101SCI,The anti-leukemic lectins from Canavalia ensiformis induce macrophage differentiation through cross-regulation between monocytes and lymphocytes
99SCI,Genotoxicity of Dicrotophos, an Organophosphorous Pesticide, Assessed with Different Assays In Vitro.
98SCI,Effect of thermal treatment on physicochemical composition and sensory qualities, including ‘foxy’ methyl anthranilate of interspecific variety GoldenMuscat (Vitis vinifera × Vitis labrusca) fortified winemade in Taiwan
98SCI,Histamine production by bacilli bacteria, acetic bacteria and yeast isolated from fruit wines
95SCI, Isoobtusilactone A-induced apoptosis in human hepatoma Hep G2 cells is mediated via increased NADPH oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and the mitochondria-associated apoptotic mechanisms
95SCI,Molecular mechanism of cell cycle blockage of hepatoma SK-Hep-1 cells by Epimedin C through suppression of mitogen-activated protein kinase activation and increased expression of CDK inhibitors p21Cip1 and p27Kip1.
94SCI,Lycopene inhibits cell migration and invasion and upregulates Nm23-H1 in a highly invasive hepatocarcinoma, SK-Hep-1 cells
93其他,The investigation to the design menu effect on the Fete Day’s ready to eat meal
92SCI, Involvement of reactive oxygen species, but not mitochondrial permeability transition in the apoptotic induction of human SK-Hep-1 hepatoma cells by shikonin
92SCI,Assessment of genotoxicity of benzidine and its structural analogues to human lymphocytes using comet assay
90SCI,Exacerbation of UVA-induced mitochondrial dysfunction of human SK-Hep-1 cells by ferrous ions
90其他, Inhibition of UVA-enhanced DNA damage from fenton reaction by gallic acid
88SCI,Antimutagenicity of ethanol extracts of bee glue against environmental mutagen
88SCI, Relative roles of metal ions and singlet oxygen in UVA-induced liposomal lipid peroxidation
87SCI,UVA-induced oxidative damage to rat liver nuclei: reduction of iron ions and the relationship between lipid peroxidation and DNA damage
85SCI,Ascorbic acid inhibits lipid peroxidation but enhances DNA damage in rat liver nuclei
85SCI, Hemolytic effects of dehydroepiandrosterone in vitro
84SCI, UVA-potentiated damage to calf thymus DNA by Fenton reaction system and protection by para-aminobenzoic acid
84其他,Measurement of antioxidant and prooxidant properties of sweetners and MSG
83SCI,Mutational specificity of 2-amino-3-methylimidazo-[4, 5-f]quinoline in the hprt locus of CHO-K1 cells