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Janet Chang


Janet Chang  Professor and Dean of International Affairs

Degree   PhD, International Business Administration, Chinese Culture University
Phone   +886-7-8060505 ext.35171
E-mail    jcchang@mail.nkuht.edu.tw


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school year Journal level Title (title)
109SSCI,Food tourism: cooking holiday experiences in East Asia
109SSCI,How do food consumption motivations and emotions affect the experiential values and well-being of foodies?
109SCI,Does a healthy diet travel? Motivations, satisfaction and loyalty with plant-based food dining at destinations
106其他,The impact of travel brochures on perceptions of authenticity at aboriginal tourist sites
101SSCI,Tourists’ perception of aboriginal heritage
100SSCI,The Taiwanese love motel - An escape from constraints on family intimacy and sex?
100SSCI,The creative destruction of Ainu community in Hokkaido, Japan.
100SSCI,Dining Occasions, service failures and customer complaint behaviours: An empirical assessment.
99SSCI,Dining Occasions, service failures and customer complaint behaviours: An empirical assessment.
99SSCI,Introduction: Entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality: The role of SMEs.
99SSCI,The creative destruction of Ainu community in Hokkaido, Japan.
97SSCI,Culture on tour
96其他,Probing the cultural characteristics of indigenous museum tourism in Canada and Taiwan: A perspective on authenticity
96其他,Perception of the Authenticity of Atayal Woven Handicrafts in Wulai, Taiwan
95其他,Profiling Japanese tourists visiting night markets in Taiwan
95其他,Trends in outbound group package tours in China and Taiwan: A marketing mix perspective
94其他,Segmenting Tourists to Aboriginal Cultural Festival: An Example in the Rukai Tribal Area, Taiwan
94其他,Segmenting American and Japanese tourists on novelty-seeking at night markets in Taiwan
94SSCI,Shopping and Tourist Night Markets in Taiwan
94SSCI,Indigenous Tourism: The Commodification and Management of Culture.
94SSCI,Novelty seeking at Aboriginal Attractions.
94SSCI,Leisure motives of eating out in night markets
94其他,The Advertising Effectiveness of Aboriginal Endorsers: An Example from Taiwan
94其他,Tourists’ motives on B&B during the aboriginal festival period
94其他,Destination Image and Visit Intention among Members of Yahoo!-Taiwan’s Communities: An on-line Survey Approach.
94SSCI,The Moderating Effect of Salesperson’s Selling Behaviour on Shopping Motivation and Satisfaction: Taiwan Tourists in China